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Floating Hair Filtering Mesh Removal


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Cleaning Ability: A washing machine floating cotton velvet mesh bag can be placed in washing powder, with the continuous rotation of the water, can completely dissolve washing powder, produce dense foam, and make cleaning cleaner. Hair absorption into the net, and does not damage clothing.

Applicable: It is suitable for small portable washing machines. You encounter cotton lint problems. Innovate machine washing to clean the filter, add a layer of filter to the existing built-in filter, fine mesh, reduce clogging troubles, and protect your expensive washing machine from unnecessary breakdowns.

Easy to Use: Put the floating cotton flannel mesh bag into the washing machine, which is easy to clean and float over the clothes without damaging the clothes.

Can be Reused: High-quality conical mesh bag, fine mesh, polyester material, durable. Let debris, debris, and hair have nowhere to escape. Fit who have fluffy pets like dogs or cats.


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1pcs Catchers Float Filter Pouch Hair Removal Laundry Ball Hair Lint Catcher Washing Machine Filter Clothes Cleaning Ball

Material: PP, polyester fiber
Color: Pink, blue, purple
Size: 17.5*9.2cm
Quantity: 1pc
Packing List:
1pc Washer Filter

1. High-quality and ultra-fine filter mesh
2. Hair absorption into the net, and do not damage clothing
3. Stops lint from clogging laundry tub or sink.
4. Easy to Use, put this floating lint mesh bag in the washing machine, floats right on top of the clothes, will not damage clothing.
5. Reusable


Blue, Pink, Purple


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